22 September 2017

Big vs Bigger

This week we finished a narrative called Big vs Bigger. We had to make sure we used simple sentences and compound sentences.

21 September 2017

How to catch a stick insect

This week we read a book called Stick Insects. As you can see I have made a poster for birds and lizards for how to catch a stick insect,  telling them all stick insects tricks.

13 September 2017

Fair trade

File:FCM CMYK POS.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Room 8
Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive

Dear Countdown,

We are students at Halsey Drive school. Our names are Lupe and Adhvika. This term we have been learning all about fair trade. In Countdown we found fair trade bananas and chocolate but we couldn't find fair trade sugar and coffee. We were wondering why we couldn't find fair trade sugar. We suggest as customers, you sell fair trade sugar and coffee because farmers who grow the sugarcane and coffee beans  will be receiving a fair price for all their hard work. We would appreciate if you could try and get most fair trade products to sell to yours consumers.

Kind regards,
Adhvika Agasthya and Lupe Hafoka

We wrote a letter to countdown saying They should have fair trade sugar. I hope you like reading my letter.

07 September 2017

Things to be aware of while fishing at nigft

This week we read Night on the Reef so we made a poster to be aware of dangers while in a boat at night.

16 August 2017

Tips to be a good runner

This week in writing we learnt how to write tips for cross country.

09 August 2017

Where am I ?

Where am I ?

As I go through the double doors I see children with their parents having lots of fun. Children are splashing and playing with each other. I get cold until I get warmer each time. People are diving one by one. The smell of chlorine goes up my nose. I stroll over to get my swimming togs. Where am I ?

Where am I ? Comment below.

07 August 2017

At the Beach

The Beach

As the hot boiling sun hits me I sunbathe on the hot sand. I don’t like the smell of the wet salty sea. Birds are singing, dogs are barking and children are screaming.

The creamy taste of delicious ice-cream runs down my throat.I love to collect sea shells one by one in my hands.As I sunbathe some children are swimming and other children are making sandcastles with buckets and spades. As I can see adults are chattering.
File:Candolim Beach Goa.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
This week Mrs Cathrine is teaching us how to use our 5 senses to describe a place.